Fort Worth – Words of Advice

Truth is powerful. It moves mountains. Truth is the purest form of advice we all believe we are thankful for this time around.

To be honest, I want to speak about mental illness. It hurts to speak to no one about what matters most to me. This pain is my strength. My mind processes information at 160mph, so much it feels as if I am a maniac in my normal life.

Act. Be a better person today, everyday. Envision the perfect world for everyone. It takes only you, just one person to change the world. Pioneers, inventors, and entrepreneurs are the essence of America.

Don’t let your ego get to yourself. False confidence is the bane of my existence. I see so many imprisoned souls due to ego. It’s odd, I am not like the others, neither are you. I am true to myself, so much I must play the fool around others.

Women. My love life is nonexistent. A nostalgia of the future reminds me about her. Standards and norms cannot be something that bothers me. Carbon copies are on my mind but silhouettes occupy the day.

At this moment, I understand I do not know how to continue speaking to you about what is most important to us all. ‘Who’ we are is subjective but as a humankind I believe we all must trust each other. There is no time left to fight.

Drugs; it only holds you back from achieving your dreams.

Others will hurt you to test you. The Lord will test you. Learn to live life with cooperation and diligence. Brothers and Sisters alike suffer as the Lord did for our sins. Pain is strength we bare in the light of the Lord.

Absorb information faster than everyone around you. Like a magnet, collect and disseminate subjective quality in order to build a solid base. This base of understanding, happiness, resources; it serves as sort of lift-off pad for your machine; the toolbox-mobile.

You are not your mind. The mind is the soul. It is a goal-achieving mechanism. To be honest, my mind hurts right now. This is a good place to empty it away.

This message is for a beautiful friend. Be the best version of yourself. You are an angel. Thank you, M.

This message is for other friends. Be true to yourself. Focus on the bigger boxes everyday. To change is to cease to exist.

Correct questions lead to the truest answer more than rigged questions via comprehensive, subjective answers. To build or to launder an ideology? You answer it yourself.

Music is in my blood. A voice is born out of the sweat, blood, and tears. Archetape.

Reputation; do not bother to worry about it. Ego, status quo; it’s for show.

Act, today. Be the shining star in everyone’s lives. Understand we all are destined to live our dreams.

Feliz dia de accion de gracias!

Total transparency, understanding, and helpfulness is the key to synchronicity. To help an other is true meaning of happiness.

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This blog is produced entirely for the sake of creation, not creativity.

Keep drinking water! Stay away from alcohol unless it is necessary to celebrate.

Dissolve the self-image. Others judge, but know at the end we are all judged by God, no one else.

On a lighter note, my aquarium water levels are good.

November 27th, 2019: Great! Work for harder GH & KH, need less nitrite by 0.5; Snowball seems chill in his tank.

NO3: 20
NO2: 0.5
pH: 7.0
KH: 100
GH: 160

Exhilarating News for Salt Lake

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